Making A Great Sandwich:
Pulled-Chicken Sandwich

Last week I served this tasty pulled chicken sandwich along side my bowl of butternut squash soup. With the weather getting cooler and cooler these days, hot soup and warm sandwiches are ideal for weeknight meals and leftovers to take for lunch. So what makes this sandwich or any sandwich for that matter tasty and […]

Journaling Your Way to Better Cooking:
Spicy Sausage and Rice

On my journey to becoming a real cook (see definition below) I rely on a variety of tools – questions to other cooks, classes, cooking shows, reading and journaling. Since I didn’t grow up at my mother’s side everyday learning the ins and outs of cooking (in this day and age very few people have […]

How to Read a Recipe:
Tuscan White Bean Soup

Yes, the title of this post sounds extremely basic. It seems obvious that if you know how to read, then you should know how to read a recipe, right? Hmmm. Reading a recipe is basic; however, there are also some tips to remember when cooking with a recipe that can help ensure success as you […]

Cooking with Wine: Wine-Braised Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes and Herbed Rice

As I wrote last week, I spent my Labor Day weekend mingling with farmers, organic foodies and food justice activists at Slow Food Nation ’08 in San Francisco. In addition to sampling artisan breads, loose-leaf teas and fair trade chocolate and sightseeing in the Bay area, my friends and I rented a PT Cruiser and […]

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