Moroccan Chermoula Sauce Over
Grilled Halibut with CousCous

Well, I didn’t get a spot on the 3rd season of the Food Network’s Grill It With Bobby Flay, but no worries because I still have my recipe for chermoula marinated grilled fish with a savory, yet fruity couscous to share with you. I made some tweaks to my Moroccan chermoula sauce and used it this time to marinade […]

Moroccan-Inspired Grilling with Bobby Flay … Perhaps?

I recently found out about an opportunity to be on Grill It with Bobby Flay on the Food Network. The network is currently looking for guests to appear on the show for its 3rd season and asking for recipes and 3-minute video clips of contenders doing their thing on the grill. While getting on TV […]

The Power of Food

When I think back on how the power of food has resonated throughout my life, I’m reminded of waking up to the smell of breakfast in the air at my grandparents’ house on summer mornings in York, SC. Between the scent of the country morning dew coming through the open window, the security of being […]

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