Toasty Homemade Granola

Crunchy, lightly sweet granola can be found prominently displayed in supermarket cereal aisles for about $3.99 to $5.99 a bag. The cheaper variety contains high fructose corn syrup and the more expensive variety is … well, more expensive! However, I’ve discovered that granola is very easy to make yourself at home. Associated with hippies and health […]

Journaling Your Way to Better Cooking:
Spicy Sausage and Rice

On my journey to becoming a real cook (see definition below) I rely on a variety of tools – questions to other cooks, classes, cooking shows, reading and journaling. Since I didn’t grow up at my mother’s side everyday learning the ins and outs of cooking (in this day and age very few people have […]

Golden Couscous and
Arts of the Arab World

As I read, travel, attend events and talk to people, I find there is no shortage of inspiration for flavorful recipes. If you pay attention, you’ll see food intertwined with almost every aspect of life. While I had other ideas for a recipe and topic to cover this week, I went to two performances Wednesday night […]

Chicken and Broccoli with
Whole Wheat Pasta

Have you had enough chocolate yet? Well there’s more to come from me this month, but for now I’ll give your sweet tooth a break and share a recipe for a light entrée you can try just in case you had too many desserts this past weekend or have been eating heavy meals a little too […]

Turkey Mushroom Lasagna

Go Obama! That’s what I said as I prepared this dish for dinner on election night. Instead of going out to a loud watch party in D.C. to buy appetizers and $12 to $15 drinks, I went to a friend’s house and made a home cooked meal for the two of us as we watched […]

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