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About FlavorDiva.com

2009 Black Weblog Awards Winner - Judges' Vote - Best Food Blog 2009 Black Weblog Awards Winner - Popular Vote - Best Food Blog FlavorDiva.com shares the writing and recipes of Tesia Love and her culinary journey in reclaiming the legacy of the great home cook. One of Tesia’s great inspirations is the culinary talent and skill held by previous generations of Black women, which she seeks to reclaim while promoting well-being through food. On FlavorDiva.com, you’ll find food writing, recipes and resources to inspire and assist you in the kitchen.

About Tesia Love

As creator of FlavorDiva.com, I love good food, learning and communications (writing, photography and marketing – for my day job, I’m a communications specialist). Since I was a child, I’ve always loved to cook, but somehow between my teenage years and late twenties I left the kitchen (except to eat someone else’s cooking or heat something up in the microwave). This was partly due to a tight schedule, not being inspired to cook for just one person, or even my belief that a “progressive” woman doesn’t have time to be in the kitchen.

Another thing that I’ve always had a strong interest in is good health. My health consciousness and desire for flavor not found in most processed, packaged foods (the food found in the majority of grocery store aisles and most restaurants) brought me back to cooking. Now I’m a true, bonafied foodie who prefers a fresh, delicious home cooked meal any day over eating out at most restaurants (and don’t even think about a frozen dinner or boxed mix).

Contact: tesia [AT] flavordiva [DOT] com

My Food Philosophy

Balance best sums up my food philosophy. I believe that good food and food that is good for you are one in the same, or at least should be. Even sweets, which are tasty but not necessarily good for you in excess, do provide pleasure, and experiencing pleasure is definitely key to well-being.

I’ve experimented with vegetarianism (no meat, poultry or fish) and even veganism (no animal products including eggs and dairy), but I’m not completely sold that these ways of eating are best or the only way to eat healthfully. Currently, I eat vegetables, grains, fruits, poultry and fish. Every once in a blue moon I may take a bite of beef, lamb or pork, usually to try a dish I’ve never had before.

All of the information and theories out there about nutrition can definitely be confusing and contradictory, but for now, I focus on eating food that’s fresh and toxin free (organic, local and sustainable) as much as possible. I also adhere to Michael Pollan’s Eater’s Manifesto: Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants.

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